Digital Program


The Truman Library Institute has launched a series of online webinars to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Truman’s presidency. We invite you to join us for upcoming digital programs and webinars listed here, and please enjoy watching archives from past events at your convenience.

Truman & Hoover: WWII Food Relief – May 21, 2020

Republican Herbert Hoover and Democrat Harry Truman may have been unlikely friends, but a common passion for public service united them and forged a bond between the two Midwesterners. As Truman faced a daunting food crisis in the aftermath of World War II, he turned to Hoover, the former head of the Food Administration and the only past president alive during Truman’s presidency, for his unique expertise. The two presidents worked together to provide food relief to millions of hungry Europeans and ended up forming a lifelong friendship.

This webinar featured a special conversation with Truman Library director Kurt Graham and supervisory archivist Sam Rushay along with Hoover Presidential Library director Thomas Schwartz and supervisory archivist Craig Wright, discussing the relationship between the presidents in providing food relief following World War II.


“The First Five Days” Series – April 13-17, 2020

The Truman Library Institute commemorated the 75th anniversary of Truman’s presidency on April 12 with a special webinar series looking back on Truman’s first few days as President. Hosts Clifton Truman Daniel, President Truman’s eldest grandson, and Truman Library Director Dr. Kurt Graham led webinar discussions in an interactive, five-part series about Truman’s first days as the leader of the free world.

This webinar series originally took place the week of April 13-17, 2020, and the recordings are available below:

The Accidental President – April 13, 2020
Dr. Kurt Graham, Director of the Truman Library, tells the story of Truman’s dramatic ascension to the presidency when Franklin D. Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945.


An Urgent Matter – April 14, 2020
The President’s grandson Clifton Truman Daniel discusses how Harry Truman became aware of the atomic bomb.


The First Test – April 15, 2020
Dr. Kurt Graham, Director of the Truman Library, discusses Truman’s first few days as president, including his first address to Congress.


Can He Swing the Job? – April 16, 2020
The President’s grandson Clifton Truman Daniel discusses Truman’s early days in office.


Your Questions Answered – April 17, 2020
The final webinar in the series features the President’s grandson Clifton Truman Daniel and Truman Library Education Director Mark Adams answering questions submitted earlier in the week.