Educator Workshops

The Truman Library provides us with invaluable support.

Debra, Liberty (MO) Junior High School
Teacher Workshop at the Truman Library
Teacher Workshops at the Truman Library
Available Year-Round

Teacher In-service Programs and Professional Development

The Truman Library's team of educators are available to make school-based presentations on historical methods, primary source documents, and cutting-edge scholarship on the Truman presidency and the major events of the era, including the end of World War II, the Cold War, civil rights, the Middle East and much more. Show more


Mark Adams, Truman Library Education Specialist    816.268.8236

Sadie Troy, Education Specialist   816.268.8241

Available Year-Round

WHDC Workshops

Let The White House Decision Center host your next teacher in-service. Our workshops are designed to help teachers bring exciting hands-on history to their students. Step into Truman's West Wing and have fun while learning how experiential learning, role playing, and primary sources can be combined for a memorable and valuable learning experience. Show more

– Available in our recreated White House or in your school
– On-site sessions include a guided museum tour and optional reception
– Special educator rates apply


Sadie Troy, education specialist   816.268.8241

For Teachers

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