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First Family Stories: Margaret and Jack | February 16, 2024

First Family Stories

By Clifton Truman Daniel

“Margaret and Jack”

MY MOTHER, Margaret Truman Daniel, wasn’t much impressed by politics and politicians.

This was almost certainly a case of familiarity breeding contempt. Titles and position meant little to her, even when she was sitting in the White House.

During the early 1950s, while she pursued a singing career in New York, Mom kept an apartment at the Carlyle Hotel at the corner of Madison and 76th. My grandparents stayed there a few times, as well.

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First Family Stories: Margaret and Jack

A Unique Privilege | February 16, 2024

Margaret Truman in the White House

By Natalie Alms

On June 11, 1945, nearly two months into his presidency, Harry Truman wrote to his daughter Margaret: “you evidently are just finding out what a terrible situation the President’s daughter is facing … so you must face it. Keep your balance and go along just as your dad is trying to go.”

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A Unique Privilege