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Saving the White House: Truman’s Extreme Makeover | July 31, 2017

When the Trumans moved into the White House in 1945, they soon discovered the old mansion was on the brink of collapse. The floors swayed as they walked on them, joints popped and cracked, and rats even scurried through holes in the walls and across the floors. While Harry, Bess and Margaret Truman all joked in their letters and diary entries about hearing the “ghosts” of presidents past,  these mysterious noises were actually telltale signs that the White House was disintegrating.

The Harry S. Truman Library and Museum is telling the incredible story of the largest White House renovation in history this year through the temporary exhibition Saving the White House: Truman’s Extreme Makeover, on display through 2017. Read More

Saving the White House: Truman’s Extreme Makeover

4 Questions with Howard Kittell | July 27, 2017

Andrew Jackson approached the presidency differently from his predecessors. He was the first president from “the West,” and he believed passionately that the president should represent all citizens and not just a few. Harry Truman often listed him as one of his favorite presidents, and admired his desire to represent all Americans. In Jackson’s eight years in office, he was responsible for balancing the federal budget for the first and only time in history and helping to expand the nation’s territory, not without controversy along the way.

Next month we’re welcoming Howard Kittell, President & CEO of Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, to the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum for a free public program discussing Jackson’s White House.

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4 Questions with Howard Kittell

Event Recording | July 13, 2017

White House Stories with Clifton Truman Daniel

We had a packed auditorium last night for a public program featuring President Truman’s grandson Clifton Truman Daniel. Clifton shared stories he heard directly from his grandfather that had the audience both inspired and entertained. Watch the recording from this incredible event (video begins at 30 seconds):

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Event Recording