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75 IN 5, Episode 1 | November 8, 2021

75 Years On | 5 Minutes At A Time

To honor the 75th anniversary of Harry S. Truman’s world-defining presidency, the Truman Library Institute has launched 75 IN 5 – five-minute video podcasts highlighting the important moments and significant developments that led to some of President Truman’s biggest decisions.

Cassie Pikarsky, director of strategic initiatives, is your host for this new series. In this first episode of 75 IN 5, she takes you back to the significant events from the Fall of 1946. While the Nuremberg Trials in Europe are highlighting horrors of the Holocaust, President Truman is made aware of racial atrocities at home, too, that will lead to historic presidential leadership on civil rights. And there’s political news, too – with Truman in the Oval Office, the Democrats have just suffered a severe blow, losing both houses of Congress.

Discover all of this and more in Episode 1 of 75 IN 5, the new video podcast that offers a fresh take on the Truman administration 75 years on, 5 minutes at a time.

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