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Truman in the News | August 27, 2018

Truman in the News

From forming the United Nations to addressing conflict in Korea, from establishing NATO to handling the early days of the Cold War, the issues that Harry Truman faced and the unwavering leadership principles that guided him seem to become more and more relevant every day. National media has increasingly turned its attention to President Truman and his legacy to interpret today’s domestic and global news.

Read a sampling of media coverage focused on President Truman and his ongoing legacy through these highlights:

“The economy grew even faster in Truman’s presidency. So what?” in The New York Times

“‘They thought black soldiers couldn’t fight’: The tragic stories behind the executive order that eventually desegregated the U.S. armed forces” in The Washington Post

“How Harry S. Truman went from being a racist to desegregating the military” in The Washington Post

“Inside the Senate Offices” (Senator Roy Blunt shows Truman’s former office) on ABC News

“Need a Democratic Platform? How About Harry Truman’s from 1948?” in New York Magazine

“‘He is honest — but smart as hell’: When Truman met Stalin” in The Washington Post

“Independence, Missouri: Tribalism, the flag and 4 July in the age of Trump” in The Guardian

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