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Picturing History – Japan Surrenders | August 14, 2015



“I have received this afternoon a message from the Japanese Government…”

At 7 pm on August 14, 1945, President Harry Truman stood before reporters gathered at the White House and announced the unconditional surrender of Japan. The Pacific War was over. Although the formal signing of the terms of surrender ending World War II would not occur until September 2nd, the announcement of Victory over Japan Day, or V-J Day, sent millions of Americans–citizens and members of the armed forces, out into the streets of cities and towns across the country and around the world.

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Picturing History – Japan Surrenders

TRU Education | December 8, 2014

Today’s children. Tomorrow’s leaders.

“How will your actions affect our national debt?”

“Will the Marshall Plan apply to Korea if it is destroyed in this action?”

“How will you prevent the spread of communism elsewhere in the world while you are engaged in this action?”

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TRU Education

TRU History | November 26, 2014


Did Harry Truman Pardon the First Turkey?

The official “pardoning” of White House turkeys is an interesting White House tradition that has captured the imagination of the public in recent years. Recently White House mythmakers have claimed that President Harry S. Truman began this amusing holiday tradition. However, the Truman Library & Museum disputes the notion that Truman was the first president to pardon the holiday bird.

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TRU History

A Word from Harry | November 26, 2014


Presidential Messages of Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Truman Library Institute. Because we like our turkey served with extra helpings of history, we searched the archives for Truman’s presidential messages of Thanksgiving. Enjoy these excerpts, and please pass the rolls.

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A Word from Harry

Event Highlights | November 25, 2014

Bill Moyers with Bob Kerrey

Earlier this month, Bill Moyers made an unprecedented encore appearance at the Truman Library Institute’s Howard and Virginia Bennett Forum on the Presidency to share his thoughts on the intertwined presidential legacies of Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson. After making his formal remarks, Moyers sat down with former U.S. Senator for an informal, wide-ranging conversation about his life, liberal politics, and the state of the American presidency. Here are a few highlights from the November 1 event.

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Event Highlights

TRU Honor | November 21, 2014

We’re Just Wild About This Award!

Event Invitation Takes Top Honors

You could have knocked our socks off when, at Kansas City’s Philly Awards, we were awarded not one but two of the region’s most prestigious nonprofit awards for our 2014 Wild About Harry invitation. We owe a debt of thanks to Design Ranch for helping create an award-winning look and feel not only for our annual fund raising dinner but for our entire TRU Brand. More on that later!

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TRU Honor

Volunteer at the Truman Library | October 31, 2014


Volunteering Like a Historian

Learn about new opportunities at Volunteer Open House on November 13

The Harry S. Truman Library and Museum has openings for enthusiastic volunteers who love history as much as they love kids. Last spring, the Truman Library piloted an all-new education program for third-grade students, Reading Like a Historian. Modeled after a program designed by the award-winning Stanford History Education Group, the pilot program was an overwhelming success. Now, the Truman Library is looking for volunteers for the Spring 2015 program launch.

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Volunteer at the Truman Library